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Darryl was born in NYC, raised in the Virgin Islands, and educated in Michigan. After 32 years, Darryl retired from the aviation industry and decided to go into the hospitality business to gain a higher knowledge of that industry. Darryl has always had a love for animals and is a proud father of a bulldog–Peanut. With his love for animals and his experience in travel and hospitality, he saw the opportunity to help deliver dogs safely to their parents. "The Puppy Nanny" was a name given to him by his clients because he treats every pet as if he/she was his own.


“The pup had a 1st class experience and Darryl was cooler than a polar bear's toenail.”


About the Company 

White Glove Pet Services was founded on the principle of love and care. Pets are transported individually to their destination with the utmost attention to detail. One would say, they are given the "White Glove" treatment–nothing but the best for your pet. White Glove Pet Services prides themselves on cleanliness and safety when transporting your pet.


“I love seeing the happiness on my client's face when they see their pet.

-Owner, Darryl Humphries

Transportation Services

Your pet will be in good hands at all times while traveling. We understand some pets have anxiety during their journey, so we accompany your pet during the entire duration of the trip. When you make contact with your pet they will assimilate more rapidly having avoided the traumatic experience of traveling alone.

*A health certificate is required prior to transportation.

*Please contact us for any specific requirements.


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